ML520 - 521


  This Reliable Printer Does It All.Img71.jpg

There’s nothing like it in its class. The MICROLINE® 520/521 is measurably faster: it prints faster in any mode, and feeds paper faster, too. And its printheads is designed to last twice as long as those of competitive dot matrix printers. It also has something you won’t get with conventional 9-pin printers: patented OKISMART Paper Handling for hassle-free switching between different paper types. No more guesswork. No more searching for the owner’s manual. No more paper jams or uneven print quality. Instead, the ML520/521 "reads and learns," automatically adjusting to the paper you feed it. You get perfect output on single sheets, card stock, multi-part forms (up to six parts!) and labels. What’s more, envelopes print out flawlessly, with no jams or smears.

The superior- performance 9-pin printer for multiple paper-handling applications.

Individual pins in the printheads also adjust to the changes in paper, so uneven printing, smears and light spots are things of the past. The printhead lasts longer, and the  printer uses less power and works more efficiently. The ML520/521 can also increase your productivity: paper loading is easier than ever, and its jam-free paper path ensures uninterrupted throughput during long print runs.

It can save you money in the long run, as well: the zero tear function of the optional Bottom Push Tractor lets you print on "difficult" media without wasting any forms. You get handsome output and exceptionally fast throughput every time you print with the ML520/521.

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