ML490 - 491



 A forms printer with letter-quality output, designed to perform in demanding environments.

High-volume versatility in forms and correspondence. Whether you need regular output of continuous multi-part forms, fine business correspondence—or combinations of both—24-pin OKI® ML490/491 printers are the single solution. They handle the printing needs of the most demanding environments—including point-of sale, automation and utility applications such as wholesale or retail sales counters, financial departments, and manufacturing or warehouse sites. Yet they also produce letter quality type and high-resolution graphics for the office and executive suite.

Unequaled performance technology. The ML490/491 sport features that give them a strong edge over their predecessors as well as the competition:
• An internal cooling fan provides continuous airflow for the printhead — maximizing throughput productivity for long, unattended print jobs
• Additional feed rollers provide precise forms handling and printed-character placement accuracy
• 3-piece top cover provides easy access and unsurpassed break resistance

Fast, with finesse. ML490/491 printers run the gamut of paper types and envelopes at lightning speed reaching 475 cps in Utility/Draft mode and 105 cps in Letter quality. Their rugged printhead (200 million character average life expectancy) is made up of powerful samarium magnets and stored-energy pins that deliver precise, sharp characters all the way through to the last page of a 5-part form. The patented OKI closed-loop feedback system assures character placement accuracy. And a zero-tear feature accurately positions continuous forms for a clean tear at the perforation to eliminate wasted stock.

Sturdy and sophisticated. Field-proven reliability is just one reason OKI MICROLINE printers are the most widely-used impact printers in North America. The rugged, reliable OKI ML490/491 printers are sure to win you over, too!

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