Large Workgroup Color


When your color needs are demanding, you need equipment that can stand up to those demands while providing superior quality. These color workhorses do both. 

Today’s businesses rely on intelligent document solutions that merge exceptional output with full functionality, and network tools to easily control the process. Combining outstanding black and white imaging with attention-grabbing color reproduction, these versatile, multi-functional products rise to the challenge.

The quality of your document output makes a statement about the way you do business. Equally important is the ability to make this output a seamless part of your day-to-day activities. These workgroup units deliver a powerful document imaging system that can Print, Copy, Scan, and Internet Fax, all from the convenience of a networked environment.  When it comes to output, an impressive array of monochrome and full-color imaging functions delivers charts, graphs, presentations, booklets and more, adding a professional touch to your vital business information, while eliminating the high cost of outsourcing.  Add the embedded FIERY controller for additional control and features.  

Advanced networking software makes them the imaging heart of your connected workgroup. Standard PCL Print, Scan and Internet Fax capability for PC's, give you the power to generate, duplicate and distribute mission-critical information easily, cost-effectively, and with complete control. With their outstanding image quality and multi-functional network capabilities, they let your workgroup conduct business more professionally and cost-effectively.

CS 5551ci         CS 4551ci          CS-6551ci      CS 7551ci